Ice Oxandrolone 50mg

Active substance: Oxandrolone
Other names: Oxanobol, Oxandrolon, Anavar, Xandrol, Oxandroxyl
Active life: 8-12 hours
Detection time: 3 weeks
Anavar is one of the most popular oral anabolic steroids of all time, and this is largely due to its well-tolerated nature. It is one of the few anabolic steroids that can be used safely by men and women, and it’s also one of the most side effect friendly.
Effects of Oxandrolon:
* Muscle Growth
Due the fact that Oxandrolone does not aromatize, any weight gained due to use will be lean muscle mass and it does not cause water retention. However, massive gains often associated with steroid bulking cycles should not be expected with this steroid. When it comes to female use we must make an exception. As women are far more sensitive to steroids than men, this product can be a very effective off-season agent because most women are not looking for gains in size anywhere near male levels, just a slight increase in muscularity can be transforming.
* Cutting
One of the best times to use Oxandrolon will be during the cutting phase. Due to its strong anabolic nature, this is one of the best steroids that can be used for preserving lean muscle mass during the dieting phase. Using Anavar during the cutting phase will also accelerate the fat burn rate. Once lean, the user will also notice a harder and more defined physique and pronounced vascularity.
* Athletic Enhancement:
Oxandrolon has the property to increase strength which is not as notable as with Danabol or Halotestin, but it's still significant as it boosts both speed and power. This steroid it is also appreciated due to the fact that it won’t produce huge mass gains, as in some sports this is not always wanted and needed. It is also one of the top athletic choices due to its property of not bringing water retention.
* Enhanced Performance
Regardless of the purpose of use, all those who use this steroid, will benefit from an improved recovery rate, as well as their muscular endurance. The athlets will not tire out as fast, and he will be able to train longer and more intense.
Side effects: no estrogenic side-effects, acne, accelerated hair loss, body hair growth, no cardio-vascular side-effects, virilization in women (body hair growth, a deepening of the vocal chords, clitoral enlargement, menstrual irregularities), medium hepatotoxicity, mild testosterone supression.
How to use:
For males, in performance enhancing purposes, the recommended dosage is 20-30mg per day, but most will find 40-50mg per day to be far more efficient. Some experienced users have even 80mg per day, but this increases the risk of side effects. Standard cycle length is about 6-8 weeks.
Females usually have dosages around 5-10mg per day, regardless of the purpose of use. However, there are some women who use even 15-20 mg per day, but this almost guarantees virilization. Standard female Anavar cycles will last 6-8 weeks.
Great product for the price and dosage
Very clean feel nice and hard look
Pumps are insane and will cramp up sometimes.
I'm over 50 so I only did a 25 day cycle so my blood pressure wouldn't get completely out of control. Gained 7 lbs. (203 - 210). Systolic went up about 10-20hg (varied day-to-day pending stress level) from acceptable range but diastolic held it's own in same. Gave my overall physique and vascularity a kick in the pants. Systolic coming down slowly after about 10-days off. Very satisfied even after several weeks post cycle.
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